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06 Feb 2001 10:21 lsloan

Try it!

I don't know what you other guys are complaining about. mlvwm was easy to compile and no problem to configure. The
options in the single ~/.mlvwmrc file are pretty standard. I've used several window managers over the years, so this one
didn't surprise me. That's despite the fact that the mlvwm documentation is sparse and the FAQ file is only available in
Japanese, a language I can't read or understand.

However, I'm not going to start using mlvwm as my main window
manager. I'm too used to fvwm, which I really like. Besides that, there are a couple of problems I have noticed in

First is when moving a window in OpaqueMove mode, it is not able to keep up with my movements, the
redrawing is sloppy. And with OpaqueMove mode turned off, you don't get any visual feedback that the window is being
moved; there's no outline.

The other problem I noticed was menu flashing. I turn that off on my own Mac, it's annoying.
The default value for mlvwm was agonizingly slow. So I changed it in the config file. The funny thing was that the
translation from Japanese wasn't great, the option is called "FlushMenu". :)

Also annoying is that every single
window has scrollbars! Most of the time they don't work, or the program inside the window already has its own. Like
right now I'm using Netscape and the window has two sets of scroll bars; the mlvwm ones do nothing. This is probably
configurable, though, if I look for it.

Finally, the config file startup warnings, which appear
in the menu bar, accompanied by a beep and a several second delay, are really annoying. They should be written to a file
or shown in a dialog box instead. And when I went to the program menu and selected "hide others", mlvwm died. I
guess that's the ultimate way to hide it, huh?

So, you may think I'm complaining after reading all that. I'm not. I like it. In
fact, I may even work on this wm myself if I ever thing the time. It needs some control panels to change configuration
without restarting the whole wm.

So, if you like Macs, give this a try. Don't let those other wet blankets steer you wrong.
They probably need to just give up and install Windows. (Or GEOS! :) ) I would also recommend
*NOT* letting dogs use your computer.

BTW, I ran mlvwm on a dual-processor Sun
Ultra 10 with Solaris 2.6, which I admin myself. However, you don't need to be that clever to install and use mlvwm.

27 Sep 2000 20:58 hulmerist

I wouldn't recommend mlvwm to my dog :-(
What kind of drugs are you on, dude?YOu must be on some kind that instantly turn you into a computer genius with too much time on their hands because I had problems like Tyrone did and those config files are a bitch!!!Maybe you'd like to write the English docs and help us English speakers out.Until that day comes, mlvwm doesn't get my thumbs up for being a great WM!

13 Sep 2000 02:43 archimed

MLVWM - The Neat WM
I'm deeply sorry for the geek that posted the above message... Maybe he should just install a plain old WIndows and stop bothering himself with thinking. I personally find MLVWM very useful and nice for the fiollowing reasons:
1. It's VERY LIGHT - it only takes 3 seconds to reload the manager on a 350 MHz box... try the same with KDE or GNOME! :) Besides, it doesn't require 32 MB of RAM just to show up the "Enlightment starting..." message...
2. It's VERY EASY to configure and QUITE FLEXIBLE. It uses only one plain-text config file and comes with a nice man page. It never tries to mess up with your system features (like do GNOME and KDE).
3. Last but not least - I've been using it for several months extensively and never did my Netscape 4.7 crash or die under it - like it loves to do with all other WMs I've tried - KDE, GNOME, FVWM, WindowMaker...

So, guys - it's worth giving a try... :)

09 Aug 2000 13:37 tyrone128

mlvwm=Not Worth Bothering With
I've always liked the Mac GUI interface and when I found out about
mlvwm, I naturally decided to give it a try. After downloading and installing it,
I browsed through the extremely inadequate and useless documentation and found little to
help me install it. I found the info I needed on a few websites, but it still
didn't help me achieve any success with the complex setup files and the absence of any
support sites made things even more rough. After spending two days of countless hours trying
to configure the .mlvwmrc and other miscellaneous setup files and unsuccessfully struggling to get
it to work with KDE, I finally did the only other thing that could be done:
I nuked it from my Linux box.
Overall, I would only recommend this wm to someone with a lot of patience willing to struggle with hard-to-configure software and who can live without documentation or help, but even they may decide to give up on it in the end.


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