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Release Notes: The way mmg sets the output file name automatically has been fixed. Tracks with FourCCs ".mp3" and "XVID" can be read from QuickTime/MP4 files. The detection of MPEG transport streams with packet sizes other than 188 bytes has been fixed. The TrueHD code does not produce endless loops during resynchronization anymore, and the MPEG program stream reader handles TrueHD correctly. Sequence headers for MPEG-1/2 video tracks are put into the CodecPrivate element again. Several command line options have been renamed.

Release Notes: This release adds support for chapters in MP4 files, a translation to Chinese Traditional, support for MPEG-1/-2 video in AVI files, improvements to the MPEG program stream and VobSub handling code, and fixes for several segfaults, crashes in the header editor, mmg always reporting that adding files has failed with a return code of 1 on certain Windows systems, and audio/video synchronization for the native MPEG-4 storage mode.

  •  09 May 2009 22:59

    Release Notes: Splitting no longer results in unplayable files. The AAC detection was made stricter in order to avoid misdetection of H.264 files. The very last packet from VobSub subtitle files was dropped. mkvmerge can change the FPS of all video tracks. A translation to simplified Chinese was added. The header editor controls no longer stop responding after opening the second Matroska file.

    •  15 Apr 2009 18:21

    Release Notes: Several bugs with QuickTime audio and video codecs, incorrect timestamps and an inactive progress bar in mmg's job manager, and problems with quoting and escaping of mkvmerge's arguments have been fixed. The header editor supports dragging and dropping of files. The header editor writes changes in a way that is more compatible with existing parsers. Support for TrueHD/MLP audio and the "forced track" flag was added. The aspect ratio extraction for AVC/h.264 video was fixed, and aspect ratio information is now kept in the bitstream by default. mkvmerge uses SimpleBlock elements by default.

    •  24 Mar 2009 16:17

      Release Notes: A header editor capable of changing almost any header field in an existing Matroska file without remuxing was added to mmg. A Japanese translation was added. Several bugs related to charset seletcion and translations were fixed.

      •  07 Mar 2009 19:16

      Release Notes: Another bug regarding locale selection has been fixed. Concatenation of AVC elementary files does not cause segmentation faults anymore. The track selection for the "--attachments" option has been fixed.

      •  28 Feb 2009 22:19

      Release Notes: Locale detection was fixed. MIME type autodetection was fixed for file names and paths with non-ASCII characters. Several issues with the new "attached files" feature in mmg were fixed. Several issues with wxWidgets 2.9 regarding compilation and GUI layout were fixed. mmg now has buttons for enabling or disabling all attached files. mkvinfo's GUI is now translatable and translated to German. The Windows installer does not ask any question in silent mode anymore.

      •  22 Feb 2009 21:53

      Release Notes: This release contains fully translatable versions of the tools and a German translation of them. The second new feature is fine-grained control over file attachments both in mkvmerge and in mmg. A couple of smaller bugs were fixed.

      •  18 Jan 2009 20:49

      Release Notes: Appending external subtitle files works again. mkvmerge can handle simple chapter files with more than 100 chapters. mkvmerge does not report arbitrary display dimensions for OGM files anymore. The parse speed of Quicktime/MP4 header fields has been improved. The Windows installer has been improved a lot.

      •  05 Dec 2008 19:28

      Release Notes: The timecode handling during appending files has been fixed so that audio/video sync issues should not occur anymore. mkvmerge is much more tolerant regarding the format of timecodes in SRT files, has an updated list of ISO-639-2 language codes, and processes WAV files bigger than 8 GB correctly. mkvmerge can now handle SRT/SSA subtitles in AVI files. mmg processes redraw events much more often during muxing, and allows short timecodes to be entered for splitting.


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