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mkisofs is used for premastering iso9660 filesystems which are used on CDROMs. The output of mkisofs can then be sent to a CDROM writer with a utility such as cdrecord. It has support for many formats, including Rock Ridge, Joliet, and Apple HFS (beta).

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  •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

    Release Notes: A merge with mkhybrid, reworked graft pointers, support for multiple El-Torito boots, and -path-list will not need at least one command line arg anymore.

    •  30 Jan 2001 06:13

      Release Notes: Inclusion of mkhybrid, many bugfixes, full UNICODE support for Joliet, and rewritten ISO-9660 filename translation.

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      30 May 2005 02:53 fstruwig

      Including common files in multiple CD's

      I'm trying to burn a bunch of data to multiple CDs while including a few 'common files' on each ISO. (Like a common README file)

      Is it possible to do this without doing the ISO segmentation (CD1, CD2 ...) manually?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


      05 Aug 2002 11:08 lapo

      No more updates to mkisofs
      mkisofs will not receive more updates as a stand-alone program, but it can be found inside cdrecord project (

      21 Jul 2000 16:43 nullstream

      Multiple El-torito?
      How does this work?
      How does your bios determine which image to boot from?
      Very interesting but considering there is very little documentation (went to site, viewed man pages) it doesn't seem all that usefull....yet.


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