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mkdvd is a script which can convert AVI, DivX, MPEG, and other video file to DVD VOB files and optionally burn them onto a DVD+/-R(W). It can put multiple videos on one disc, and is also able to create a simple menu to select between the different videos.

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  •  27 Nov 2005 23:16

Release Notes: The code was updated to work with all the latest versions of the required tools. toolame is not needed anymore. The program now handles multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles. It can convert any movie from NTSC to PAL or vice versa (even interlaced material). DV support was improved. Multi-column menus were added. Many bugfixes were made.

  •  20 Jul 2004 19:14

Release Notes: This release features significant speedups, automatic audio delay calculation, kvcd quantization matrices, vobsub extraction support, support for dual-layer DVDs, support for mini-DVDs (DVD-on-cd), and automatic DVD +/- detection, and displays ETA and speed again. There were also quite a few bugfixes.

  •  28 Jun 2004 02:40

Release Notes: This version supports matroska, multiple audio and subtitle streams, and tivo:// streams (when using mplayer-tivo). It now automatically corrects some buggy AC3 streams, which should make AC3 pass-through work with almost all streams. It also includes some new options for working with buggy DVD players and limiting overscanning.

  •  16 Jun 2004 23:07

Release Notes: A potentially dangerous bug that could delete files was fixed.

  •  10 May 2004 01:04

Release Notes: The program now creates AC3 audio streams, making DVDs 100% compatible with all players. It can also create DVDs with lower resolutions, saving space if the input is low-resolution. It works with the latest version of dvdauthor. An --inferfps option calculates the number of frames per second the movie really uses, which is useful for some broken AVI movies. --fixfps works much better now. Some bugfixes were made.

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16 Jun 2004 22:59 hubbe

Re: Dangerous bug ("--iso -o /home/user/")

> The above command will effectively wipe

> everything in /home/user without

> mentioning what-so-ever that it will.

Not anymore. That bug has now been fixed.

12 May 2004 18:47 slee Thumbs down

Dangerous bug ("--iso -o /home/user/")
The above command will effectively wipe everything in /home/user without mentioning what-so-ever that it will.


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