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  •  05 Sep 2008 14:49

Release Notes: This release adds support for the initramfs filesystem for booting OpenSuse and FecoraCore releases with the mkCDrec boot CD, dramatically improves slow USB device support, and upgrades busybox to version 1.12.0.

  •  28 Mar 2006 13:46

Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug with the link between mkcdrec and busybox-1.1.0. All binary packages (of version 0.9) are impacted and should download this release to avoid the "chroot not found" issue. Furthermore, the /etc/mkcdrec.conf file is now always read by all routines of mkcdrec. The /etc/mkcdrec.conf file may contain your customised settings and will survive release upgrades.

  •  08 Jan 2005 12:07

Release Notes: Support for Fedorea Core 3, uDev, and LVM2 are finally included. Network recognition and configuration have been improved. mkCDrec will recognize and enable USB CD-ROM devices at boot time (e.g. with Blade servers).

  •  07 May 2003 14:01

Release Notes: This release is a must for all Mandrake 9.1 users as it fixes the missing zlib objects when booting from the CD-ROM. Restoring software RAID disks should finally be stable. Some minor fixes to compile well on SuSe 8.2 were made, as well as a fix for excluded mount points. A new future was added to build a superrescue CD-ROM; type "make superrescue" (only IA32 architecture). A minor attempt to add SPARC support was initiated, but it is currently not functional at all.

  •  20 Aug 2002 17:03

Release Notes: The tty bug has been removed and /tmp is no longer completely excluded at backup time. This makes the restore of RedHat 7.3 better, and even XFree works without problems. NTFS support has been added, and several minor bugs were fixed.

  •  08 May 2002 16:39

Release Notes: The creation of multiple volume CD-ROM archives works again. If you use 0.6.2, please upgrade immediately to 0.6.3. When possible, a boot floppy image (1.44 or 1.722 MB in size) is copied to the mkCDrec CD-ROM. This can later be copied via dd to a physical floppy.

  •  12 Dec 2001 18:03

Release Notes: This is a rather stable release, and is free from the 'permission denied' problems after booting from CD-ROM. All known (reported) problems have been fixed, and there is a small utility available to reboot (alt-ctrl-del or ctrl-alt-del) the system when the busybox reboot fails. CD-Rewritables are properly supported (with auto eject capabilities). Furthermore, IDE RAID support has been enhanced and will be detected when trying to restore the system. Initial GRUB supported is included (but may not be complete yet).

  •  18 Jun 2001 18:14

Release Notes: Support for backup of msdos, fat, vfat and minix filesystems has been added, as well as for ext3. Now one can make a 1.722 Mb bootfloppy. Lots of bug fixes are included (see Changelog for details). The uncompress problems with modules has been fixed.


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