Version 0.17.0 of mk-configure

Release Notes: Fixes and minor improvements were made in,, and The variables CC_TYPE, CXX_TYPE, and LD_TYPE were added. The MKC_BMAKE environment variable (if set) overrides the path to bmake set at compile-time. Documentation was added for /etc/mk.conf, @sysconfdir@/mk.conf, and MAKECONF. New slides and updates were made in presentation. Updates were made in the FAQ.

    Other releases

    •  02 Jan 2014 02:58

      Release Notes: The build infrastructure for mk-c itself was completely reimplemented. Fixes and improvements in,,,,,, mkc.sub{dir,prj}.mk, and LDCOMPILER defaults to "yes". Fixes for parallel installation. A lot of new variables and functionalities were introduced. A few bugfixes.

      •  11 Mar 2013 22:12

        Release Notes: Support for subprojects containing the / symbol was added to mkc.sub{dir,prj}.mk with appropriate changes in OBJDIR_<dir> variables. A fix for the target "errorcheck" in mkc.sub{dir,prj}.mk. A fix for non-empty MAKEOBJDIR and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX in mkc.sub{dir,prj}.mk. Minor improvements in examples/*/ DPLIBS is deprecated. Minor fixes in (LUA_MODULES vs. LUA_LMODULES). Improvements and fixes in the man page and FAQ.

        •  22 Jul 2012 16:25

          Release Notes: Support for "virtual" subproject was added. New variables: COPTS_<proj>, OBJCOPTS_<proj>, LDADD_<proj>, LDFLAGS_<proj>, CPPFLAGS_<proj>, and CXXFLAGS_<proj>. OBJDIR_<proj> variables now always contain full paths. mkc_which(1) now differs directories and regular files. Minor fixes in regression tests for EXPORT_SYMBOLS. More slides in .pdf presentation. Fixes for Pascal support. Minor fixes in the man page.

          •  09 Oct 2011 22:05

            Release Notes: The target "errorcheck" ("configure") cannot work in parallel. Fixes a bug that appeared in parallel builds (make -j). Support for IRIX64 and Haiku was implemented. PDF presentation has been updated.

            •  24 Oct 2010 16:21

              Release Notes: Support for the clang compiler was implemented. The new variables MKCHECKS and LEXLIB were added. Support for the Intel C/C++ compiler was improved. The man page and presentation were improved. Local mkc_install is always used for installing mk-configure for simplifying an installation process on non-BSD platforms. A new target "filelist" that outputs a list of files for the whole project (after installation) was introduced. The useless ".sh:" rule was removed. There are other minor changes and improvements.


              Project Spotlight


              A file manager and playlist with movie thumbnails.


              Project Spotlight


              A font editor which can create TTF, EOT, and SVG fonts.