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mjbWorld is a standards based 3D editor, which can graphically edit and allow users to see and interact with X3D (VRML) and other 3D formats. It is also intended to provide a platform which can be used to experiment with physics, animation, etc. Versions for Java, C++ and C# are included.


RSS Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2005 13:54

Release Notes: The Java version has been updated to use Java 5 constructs. There are many bugfixes. The C++ and C# versions have not changed.

  •  15 Feb 2005 09:21

Release Notes: In the Java version, 2D nodes were updated and moved into the mjbModel package. No changes were made to the C# version. In the C++ version, the simpler models now work in a stable way.

  •  28 Nov 2004 12:31

Release Notes: Preparation for new X3D nodes and some bugfixes.

  •  24 Mar 2004 10:22

Release Notes: Mesh simplification has been implemented. The H-anim generator now uses parameters to generate a human model.

  •  29 Feb 2004 04:10

Release Notes: This version begins work on the hanim generator, and adds tools to reflect in x, y, or z axis, and to implement reverse winding. There were also some bugfixes.


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