Projects / is a mixer utility for Linux/FreeBSD systems. It is designed to be docked in Window Maker. This utility has three volume controllers that can be configured to handle any sound source, the default sources are master-, cd- and pcm-volume. Sound sources can easily be muted and there is also wheel mouse support.


Recent releases

  •  15 Sep 2002 20:46

    Release Notes: Support has been added for all OSS mixer sources. Warnings when compiling with GCC 3.2 have been fixed. OpenBSD support has been added.

    •  25 Jun 2001 21:49

      Release Notes: Some compilation problems were fixed.

      •  19 Mar 2001 06:03

        Release Notes: This release includes support for devfs, and a new Makefile.

        •  21 Feb 2000 02:01

          Release Notes: The command line options "-s file" and "-S file", which cause to load/save volume settings when starting/exiting, have been added, and a potential bug in command line parsing has been fixed.

          •  14 Nov 1999 04:57

            Release Notes: A command line option to specify a text label in the corner of the mixer.


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