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MisterHouse is a Unix/Windows home automation program written in Perl. It can respond to voice commands, Web browsers, time of day, serial port and X10 data, external files, etc., and can speak via Text to Speech engines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Mar 2013 16:17

    Release Notes: This release includes numerous bugfixes. Major changes include more robust Insteon support and an Android user interface (Android app downloaded separately). The source code has been moved to a git repository.

    •  10 Mar 2003 00:01

      Release Notes: Support was added for AudioTron, Concept alarms, Caddx alarms, Linux NaturalVoice, Clipsal CBUS, Mac OS X, UIRT2 IR, and Lynx X10. Other additions include a new Web menu interface, improved IM support, better Web caching, lower CPU usage, proxy support, Web based code selection, numbered menus, improved Caller ID, multi-user logins, stacked and overloaded object states, and xAP/xPL protocol support.

      •  04 May 2002 20:30

        Release Notes: Support was added for Linksys routers, DSS boxes, xmms, Audrey callerid, Redrat, BX24, standard cgi scripts, TTS flite engine, Radio Shack wireless wmr968 and Peet Brothers Ultimeter2000 weather stations, Lynx10 X10, and remote TTS over IP. Other additions include a new Web interface for touch screens, multiple sound card support, Web and Tk picture frames, comic strips, a Web calendar/contact/todo list, an MSN interface, and a TWiki site.

        •  26 Oct 2001 14:52

          Release Notes: Many Web enhancements were added, including browser-dependent Web pages, Web server forking, config file editing, output of TTS into remote WAV files, zap2it TV support, pictureframe and webcab pages, and new pages for smaller Internet appliances like the Audrey. Other updates include better TTS control (e.g. voice, rate, volume, pitch, fast, slow, stop, pause), support for call waiting, caller ID, DTFM phone control, lower CPU usage, and an improved holiday database.

          •  29 May 2001 02:13

            Release Notes: A new audible menu option for walking menus with just one or 2 switches (e.g., air sip switches for the disabled), serving of data in XML format, viavoice TTS voice selection, MAC OS X support, Jandy AquaLink pool controler support, wireless X10 MR26 support, Linux volume control, and many other changes.


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