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16 Apr 2002 13:46 mesmerism

Re: make
I'm currently reorganizing the package to use automake/autoconf. Will have a new release out shortly.

15 Apr 2002 00:55 netmask


This project is kind of neat, simply because it lets us all be a little bit more lazy in some arenas.

However, on the topic of laziness.. YOu have to hand edit a few things in the Makefile, that could be fixed by having a configure script put in. (Mentioned in the README)

you need to change the PREFIX, you need to have Pingutil (Not packaged with it), and you need to change the PINGUTIL dir to the install dir of PINGUTIL.

These are minor annoyances that seem trivial to fix, other than that.. The actual programs are good, and will help any coder be lazier :P


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