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Release Notes: The most significant bugfix in this release is for a crash which could (only) occur when fallback mirrors were configured (hardcoded with the MirrorBrainFallback directive in the Apache configuration file). The other fixes are mostly to adjust for newer Python and build environments. The scanner is a little better. URL signing (introduced in 2.14.0) is now considered stable.

Release Notes: New features: support for generating Yum-style mirror lists. Support for scanning Nginx directory listings. Bugfixes and improvements in the mirror scanner. Extensive directions on tuning PostgreSQL for MirrorBrain.

Release Notes: MirrorBrain can now use geographical distance as additional criterion in mirror selection. Per-file mirror lists visualize the closest mirrors via Google Maps. Running behind a load balancer or other reverse proxy was tested and a bug was fixed in this regard. MirrorBrain can now be used in conjunction with a multitude of access control mechanisms available in Apache. Experimental support for restricted downloads has been implemented, by redirecting to temporary URLs whose validity can be verified by the mirrors.

Release Notes: This release improves the usability of the mirror scanner by adding a terse report format (which makes it easy to spot problems), and a totally quiet mode where only errors will be output. It improves usability in some other corners, and adds documentation, notably the added instructions on setting up automatic GeoIP database updates.

Release Notes: The contents of the mirror lists (details pages) are now wrapped into an XHTML/HTML DIV container to allow for individual styling. In addition, an arbitrary XHTML/HTML header and footer can be specified to be placed around the page body. Due to popular demand, the way hashes are sent can now be influenced. A client can request the pure hash, without filename, via a query parameter in the URL. Likewise, admins can configure this site-wide with a new Apache configuration directive. mirmon integration was updated for the current mirmon release.

Release Notes: A regression which made it impossible to remove an URL by setting it to an empty string was fixed Scanning of lighttpd Web servers is now supported. A problem where the fuzzy-matching on mirror identifiers made it impossible to select certain mirrors was fixed, keeping the convenient behaviour but also allowing mirrors to be selected by their full name. A package for Arch Linux is now available. The Debian/Ubuntu packages were improved.

Release Notes: IETF Metalink support (RFC5854). A new hash server for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, BitTorrent infohash, and PGP. A torrent generator is embedded, with intelligent Web seeding (closest mirrors). Experimental support for zsync and for Magnet links. Ubuntu 10.04 support. Numerous bugfixes, usability enhancements, and added documentation.

Release Notes: This release stores geographical coordinates in the mirror database records. It fixes incorrect hash filenames constructed by mod_mirrorbrain on Debian (issue 35). It fixes an incorrect URL type within Metalinks for FTP URLs (issue 23). It fixes incorrect URLs printed by 'mb file ls -u' (issue 36). It removes the code for backwards compatibility with obsolete hash cache filename schemes (pre-2.10). It tries harder to catch rsync timeouts (also during connect time) (issue 12). It fixes FTP auth scanning and the mb db shell. There are documentation enhancements.

Release Notes: null-rsync: I/O errors returned by rsync are handled now; remote errors from rsync are ignored now. mb db sizes shows sizes of tables from mod_stats. mb db shell has a fix in resuming after command suspension. mb list has new options -H, -F, and -R to display HTTP/FTP/rsync base URLs. mb mirrorlist will try harder to not leave temp files. A link to the project has been added in the footer. There are documentation fixes.

Release Notes: This release improves mirror scanning via FTP by fixing an issue with whitespace in filenames. Another issue that could cause FTP mirrors to be ignored when scanning only a subdirectory was fixed. In addition, there are some new commands for database maintentance: "mb db sizes", which shows the size of each database table; "mb db shell", which opens a shell for the database; and "mb db vacuum", which cleans up unreferenced files. In the mirrorprobe, the default timeout has been lowered from 60s to 20s, better matching real-life.


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