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Version 20040508 of MirBSD

Release Notes: This upgrade package for the 20040501 or 20040502 snapshots is available via BitTorrent only. It fixes a serious bug in the random number generator which could cause crashes.

Other releases

Release Notes: This snapshot contains a security fix for OpenSSL, disabling TLS renegotiation. The included SSL certificate list has been updated, and expired root certificates are removed. The Simtec Entropy Key is now supported during installation, OpenSSH host key generation, and via a daemon in ports.

Release Notes: This snapshot release contains an important security fix for the kernel. The “triforce” CD allows booting on the i386 and SPARC architecture, and contains a grml Linux rescue system. Many bugfixes and small improvements have been made in the base system and in ports. New versions of OpenSSH and mksh (the shell) are included.

  •  27 Apr 2009 21:29

Release Notes: This snapshot contains various bugfixes as well as updates to OpenSSH, mksh, and other parts of the system. There have also been some changes to the ext2 filesystem code.

Release Notes: This snapshot contains makefs for making ISO images, as well as new i18n (OPTU-8) functions. mksh has been updated to R36. Bugs in the time functions have been fixed, and some kernel updates were imported from OpenBSD.

  •  23 Jul 2008 07:08

Release Notes: Relative to the #10 release, much code has been cleaned up, especially regarding developer interaction, sparc support, CDs, Live-CDs, etc. Security patches have been applied, many ports were updated or fixed. The new /usr/dbin and /usr/dsbin directories contain dynamically linked executables from /bin for use with fakeroot. mksh is at R35b with some bugs fixed and some new features. BSDstats "phone-home" has been removed since the site is often down. VIA C3 Hardware-AES is used for swapencrypt.


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