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MinML-RPC is an implementation of XML-RPC server written in Java. It was designed to be used in embedded systems where storage space is at a premium. The code is quite compact, and it was also designed to minimize the heap space used by the program when executing a procedure call. The distribution includes the parser, the XML-RPC server implementation, and a small, high-performance HTTP 1.1 server.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2001 17:32

    Release Notes: A bug in the HTTP server which caused large calls to fail was fixed. Speed was increased by approximately 10%.

    •  06 Jul 2001 14:42

      Release Notes: A small, high performance embedded HTTP server was added to allow the XML-RPC service to be run stand-alone.

      •  04 May 2001 14:57

        Release Notes: A bug in base64 handling was fixed. The servlet wrapper was revised.

        •  02 Dec 2000 18:25

          Release Notes: This release upgrades the included MinML XML parser to 0.7 and fixes a couple of bugs in the parser.


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