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  •  19 Mar 2012 21:17

    Release Notes: This release fixes searching YouTube video IDs containing the “-” sign. It fixes the search auto-completion popup appearing when not needed. It fixes temporary files not being deleted on Windows. It fixes quitting from the Dock on the Mac. It fixes a bug preventing system shutdown on the Mac. It fixes the search box selecting text while typing and losing focus on the ESC key on the Mac. On the Mac, “Quit” and other application menu items are now correctly localized.

    •  07 Aug 2011 12:16

      Release Notes: Besides watching videos again, you can now drag’n'drop YouTube links from your browser to the Minitube window. Also, Minitube is now more tolerant about which URLs are actually YouTube URLs. New translations are included.

      •  16 May 2011 12:52

        Release Notes: This bug fix release finally fixes some videos not starting, especially in languages different than English.

        •  16 Apr 2011 08:19

          Release Notes: This version addresses a bug with some videos not playing, especially longer ones. Full-length videos now start playing much more quickly. Some invalid download file names on Windows were fixed. An Albanian translation was included.

          •  17 Mar 2011 14:17

            Release Notes: Many new and updated translations were added. A bug occurring in multiscreen setups was fixed. A bug with videos not auto-advancing when using the Xine Phonon backend on Linux was fixed.

            •  09 Feb 2011 13:12

              Release Notes: This release adds YouTube channel support, fixes playback issues, and adds CLI support.

              •  28 Dec 2010 14:45

                Release Notes: This version sports a shiny new icon designed by David Nel. The way video playback works had to be radically changed to cope with YouTube changes.

                •  12 Oct 2010 11:58

                  Release Notes: This release adds the ability to download videos, support for media keys on GNOME, and more style, especially on the Mac. It also fixes a crash when trying delete or move the the last playlist item.

                  •  28 Jul 2010 20:41

                    Release Notes: This release adapts to a change that YouTube made which broke Minitube and many other applications that use YouTube. This release also brings minor visual enhancements, various bug fixes, and a new Chinese translation.

                    •  04 May 2010 14:54

                      Release Notes: This release fixes some content from major labels failing to play and adds the ability to play Full HD (1080p) videos when available. This version also adds the ability copy the video stream URL, so you can download the video with an external program. A whole slew of new translations are available: Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Portuguese, Finnish, and Bulgarian.


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