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Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu

Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu is a shell script designed to be run following the installation of the Ubuntu command-line system available on the Alternate and Netboot install CDs. It builds a stripped-down graphical environment, allowing the user to select which windowing environment, Web browser, IM client, office suite, and media player they want before they are installed.

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Development blog 16 Sep 2010

For up-to-date news on Minimal Desktop for Ubuntu, head on over to the development blog.

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  •  19 Jan 2011 09:55

    Release Notes: Support was added for Openbox and Blackbox. The choice tree was improved for *box segment (which now has all of the choices of the other sections). The bug for rare moments when the script didn't terminate with a reboot and the k/ubuntu-restricted-extras lockup bug were fixed.

    •  19 Nov 2010 22:26

      Release Notes: CUPS and Wicd support, as well as a fix for the read-only README problem. Some general fixes in syntax and apt operations.

      •  06 Oct 2010 21:46

        Release Notes: Updated for Maverick. A Fluxbox/XDM option has been added. The architecture detection for libdvdcss has been fixed. A refresh of the Opera GPG key to rc.local has been done to fix its update bug. The Konqueror option has been replaced with Rekonq (as it is the new default browser in Kubuntu). Miscellaneous spelling fixes.


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