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  •  06 Feb 2014 07:35

Release Notes: A different 'sayfile' command was added for the Raspberry Pi (espeak, instead of festival). Wavplay uses 'aplay' if 'play' isn't present (as is usual for RPi). Various fixes were implemented to correctly handle arguments to finddev, by replacing $* with $@. Security footage was limited to SWF files only. vtime now uses the Bearskin abstraction 'wavplayer'. Vtime and alarm now both support an output device, specified on the command line. SSH commands are now supported as a Marple transmission method. A new house design was provided, with gliffy files. A bug which prevented '_' from being used in parameter names was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds reverse lookup of station names (from fullname to code), previews for images in the explorer browser applet (using embedded base64), a security applet (based on the browser applet) to review security images and live preview existing cameras, and a "movemotion" script to sensibly order a directory full of motion images. It improves browser applet internals, and improves browser applet code to report the file size, type, and permissions, and to link to files (where available) under the Web server root.

  •  24 Sep 2013 23:50

Release Notes: The 'onnext' routine for triggering manifest music has been rewritten to vary the tracks found and to prevent short playlists when the blocklist is large. A 'list' version of the X10 controller has been added. A 'list' report has been added to homedevice. 'hot day' user scripts have been added to remind you shut the windows. An 'every day' script (/usr/local/minerva/etc/daily/status) has been added for use in lstatus. An ID has been added to routines so that they can be called by name.

  •  13 Jul 2013 00:26

Release Notes: This release adds route configuration to Live Departure Boards. It adds an applet for 'routines' to trigger sequences. It adds an applet for 'mashmode' to change the house state. It adds an applet for 'musk' (user scripts). It adds a draft of the 'infrastructure' applet. It adds a 'house' example, handling all standard house control tasks. It adds a back button on the web interface. It uses AJAX to improve the loading speed of several applets. It fixes the weather report applet. A full audit of the RSS applet and feeds has been done. There is a new set of routines as examples, including one to try and prevent falling asleep on the train. A 'within' script has been added.

  •  13 May 2013 01:34

Release Notes: This release updates homedevice to support X10 and Hue appliances. It introduces 'musk' for trigger user scripts. It adds a user script for night lights, which are on only during night time. It adds a 'sunlight' script to determine the amount of sunlight for the current time. It fixes many (all?) bugs caused by the latest version of PHP. It updates the Zinc command driver to return output and return codes. The currency handler has been switched to Google. Improved layout on the calendar page. mstatus has been replaced with 'media status' for more controlled output. A script has been added to report the date of Easter. Many tweaks and bugfixes.

  •  12 Jul 2012 15:04

Release Notes: A "Universal remote control" script was included for the iPhone app. The media playback handlers (start/stop/status) were fully unified. Command output and return codes are better handled across all bearskin (mp3player outputs the current track, for example). lstatus was expanded to take a day parameter. "Routines" were added to provide sequenced operations, e.g. bedtime. Manifest can block music tracks from playing. Errors are now reported on initialization failures. Full status is provided when MP3 playback is initiated.

  •  06 Mar 2012 22:21

Release Notes: Introduction of: 'minty', a timeout system to auto-turn off unused devices; 'cache' conduit; routine', a system for processing N timed events from an initial trigger point; 'yaks', a control system for processing arbitrary messages (from X10) into Linux-bound commands; 'homedevice' script, in preparation for ZigBee. Changes to vox scripts which mean that voice and music can happen simultaneously. The Twitter script has been updated to use oauth. Fixes in human time reading. Unifies the logging of Bearskin commands into 'minlog'. Unifies the audio stings into an 'sfx' script.

  •  01 Nov 2011 20:54

Release Notes: An improved Google calendar download/handler. The install script has been fixed; it was causing problems on fresh installs.

  •  21 Mar 2011 17:19

Release Notes: SIS (SMS Information Service) was added to respond to basic SMS requests and to return data via the same route. This is intended as a specific instance of msgrelay. A few sample SIS services were added, including fortune cookie responses from Serverus Snape. A "short" version of LDB query was added, primarily for SIS.

  •  03 Dec 2010 07:54

Release Notes: The UK Live Departure boards script was fixed to cope with changes to a third party site.


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