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  •  11 Nov 2006 23:29

Release Notes: New features include an installer, AJAX code, an optional BSD-licensed WYGIWYS-editor, an option to upload a picture, and tags. The library for XML parsing was changed to one with a BSD-like license. The format of storing the entries using CDATA was changed, removing the problems with special characters (Cyrillic, quotes, etc.). Each entry is saved in a separate file, avoiding some previous conflicts. The default theme was changed to one that is basicaly compatible with IE6. The management of the modules was dramatically improved, so it now can be done by drag-and-drop.

  •  03 Feb 2006 10:36

Release Notes: The default theme (still "surgery") is now CSS valid, although IE doesn't show the page correctly. This release improves modules and adds new ones. It adds a greeting message, and has major bugfixes.

  •  09 Oct 2005 13:17

Release Notes: There are many bugfixes, including major code cleanup, a complete session code rewrite, a new preview function, password management, a completely themeable user interface, and two new themes.

  •  19 Jun 2005 17:10

Release Notes: The output is now Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Minor bugfixes were made, and many new features added. Multiple roots support (a change of the db/users.db format to one more similar to the Unix /etc/passwd), improved preferences and php-frontend for changing them, highlighting of the search phrase, bugfixes in the preview (which is now working), and compatibility with the theme on all levels with full support of new themes.

  •  24 May 2005 07:23

Release Notes: Major bugfixes were made. A partial code rewrite was done. Configuration options were migrated to the config file, include/ A search capability was added. Much more was done.

Release Notes: This release added an option to display an entry on the main page. Session support was fixed. Multiple titles in a single category are now possible. Posting priority stacking was implemented along with a new internal date format. An issue with multiple date entries when editing a file was fixed. Escape character parsing for entries was fixed. Some typos in the sources were corrected. A sizeable code cleanup was undertaken and the design was changed.


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