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MIN is an advanced unit/integration test framework for Maemo/Linux. It supports test cases written in C (or C++) as well as scripted test cases with (a tailor made) MIN scripter, Lua, or Python. Test cases are compiled into test modules that are loaded dynamically. A test case is executed in a separate process.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 May 2009 07:57

    Release Notes: The "Start New Test Case" view was fixed in the console UI so that the list of cases is updated as they are reported by the MIN Engine. An undefined g_cclosure__VOID_STRING (MIN dbus plugin) that occurred on armel was fixed. A "debian" directory was added the to root of the source tree to implement the min-all meta-package so that all the packages can be built with one command.

    •  25 Mar 2009 14:53

      Release Notes: Incorrect number of parameters for the call for min_case_result in the MIN DBUS plugin has been fixed. A problem with the "Run" keyword in scripter, which did not accept filenames (only full paths), has been fixed. Return values have been added to the MIN engine API towards the engine. An error log window has been added to consoleUI. The DBus interface has been synchronized with the current MIN engine API. The documentation has been updated.

      •  06 Mar 2009 11:51

        Release Notes: A bug in the MIN scripter "complete" keyword was fixed. A bug in the MIN scripter "run" keyword was fixed. A clean API to the MIN engine (min_eapi) was added. consoleUI was modified so that it is loaded as a plugin that uses the min_eapi. A DBUS plugin that uses the min_eapi was added. GNU-style documentation is available.

        •  11 Feb 2009 15:58

          Release Notes: A bug in timed scripter loops was fixed. A bug in compelete command syntax validation was fixed. A bug causing MIN to get stuck when cases are still running on exit was fixed. Memory leaks in logger and syntax validation were fixed. Non-reentrant function calls were removed from signal handlers. A bug that caused the logger to segfault when a log message is too long was fixed. The breakloop keyword was added to the scripter syntax. if-else statement support was added to scripter syntax. Scritpter internal variables (such as FAIL_COUNT) were added.

          •  23 Jan 2009 13:50

            Release Notes: This release reduces cyclomatic code complexity for the Engine component, makes logging go to syslog instead of /tmp by default, and changes the min-tests package installation directories. It fixes a bug in scripter result reporting, memory leaks in debug macros, a problem with logging crashing when there were no write permissions, a problem with printing long lines from a scripter, Python asynchronous execution in ARM, and the automake rules.


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