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  •  27 Jan 2011 13:01

Release Notes: This is a bug fix release of 1.6.4. A crash bug was fixed, so users of version 1.6.4 are encouraged to upgrade to 1.6.5.

Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes, Ruby support improvements, and performance improvements (experimental).

  •  21 Aug 2010 05:30

Release Notes: This release fixed a bug that caused statistics to not be logged.

  •  29 Oct 2009 14:31

Release Notes: This release is minor bugfix release on the stable line. It includes bugfixes on evaluation mode. It's recommended that 1.4.0 users who use evaluation mode upgrade to 1.4.1. There is another improvement for CentOS users. This release bundles Ruby/GLib2 for fallback, so you don't need to install Ruby/GLib2 manually.


Project Spotlight


A basic file management library for Rodent applications.


Project Spotlight


A library for sorting and scanning on top of the OpenCL C++ API.