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  •  22 Oct 2013 08:05

Release Notes: This version comes with significant improvements: four new additional input handlers which allow inline parameter configuration, a very powerful handler (and repository) which allow query load, query execution, execution configuration, and processing options to be read from an external XML file (the goal for the final version is the ability to control every parameter of query execution/processing via XML only), small internal improvements, and an increase in tests to over 900.

  •  01 Aug 2013 23:20

Release Notes: This is maintenance release; a lot of refactoring was performed to align it with other libraries within Midao Project. A few classes were deprecated and a few renamed. Presentation and Getting Started guides were released as well.

  •  20 Jul 2013 21:36

Release Notes: This release brings scrollable and updateable lazy output handlers (for both JDBC3 and JDBC4). Deep optimizations were done to all lazy output handlers. A few additional functional tests were introduced. The overall number of unit+functional tests was increased to over 800.

  •  09 Jun 2013 13:53

Release Notes: This release adds support of Microsoft SQL for both JDBC3 and JDBC4, over 20 functional tests for Microsoft SQL, statement handler improvements, type handlers improvements, a new type handler, metadata handler improvements, and other changes. Midao JDBC also went through some refactoring needed to separate Midao (the project) from Midao JDBC (the library).

  •  09 Jun 2013 13:52

Release Notes: This release adds Java 1.5/1.6 support with one jar, functional tests with older JDBC drivers, C3P0 pooled datasource support, removal of one strict dependency (slf4j, now optional), and a couple of other minor changes/cleanups.


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