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The Machine Inventory Database (MID) is a Perl-based CGI interface to manage the machines on and off your network, both from the IP assignment perspective and the asset-tracking perspective. On top of acting as a frontend to a handful of MySQL tables, it handles IP assignment and acts as a frontend to the configuration files for BIND, YP, and DHCPD to reduce the chance for typos in the configuration files which tend to bring down service.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2002 20:18

    Release Notes: Moving the definition of the cookie name out of the CGI and in to the Makefile, fixing the acl.sql to actually have an encrypted password for the "guest" user, updated user-level security, updated SUPPORT docs to reference the new Web site, minimalized theme support to customize the look-and-feel, and fix for a minor bug in the version number display at the bottom of the screen (and appropriate Makefile updates), a new logo and tag line, cleanups to the login screen, new "crisp" and "default" themes, and numerous HTML fixes.

    •  24 Jan 2002 19:21

      Release Notes: A bugfix to correct a fatal implementation within the 1.29 release that was to correct the problem with single domain systems not having the files created properly, updates to the respective SQL query syntax, and a bugfix to the insertion procedure for new and modified entries to insert the domain ID rather than the actual domain name.

      •  21 Jan 2002 19:45

        Release Notes: Existing sanity checking has been revamped, and additional sanity checking has been created for all vital fields. Multiple typos within the CGI which caused problematic file creation have been fixed. The login screen has been updated slightly. The SNMP gathering agent has been created, but it is not ready for production. Both the defaults and settings within the Makefile have been updated, and there are a couple of typo fixes. The PLANS file and the INSTALL doc have been updated to reflect that the SNMP gathering agent is not yet ready for production. A major bug which broke the file creations when only one domain existed has been fixed.

        •  19 Nov 2001 22:03

          Release Notes: Work has begun to allow handling of both the command line query utility and the SNMP gathering script. There are numerous tiny bugfixes. Timestamps have been added to the main display page for "Last Database Change:" and "Last Update to Current Maps" to give an idea as to the age of the database and the age of the current maps. The AUTHOR and UPGRADE documents have been updated. The PLANS file has been created for pseudo-roadmapping MID's future.

          •  02 Aug 2001 21:05

            Release Notes: The update_changelog routine call, when creating a new entry, now correctly creates the DB record. The delete graphic has been updated.


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