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  •  24 Aug 2008 21:55

Release Notes: Random level generation: you can now randomize up to 100 rooms instantly, as this release utilizes a simple maze generator. Once the maze has been calculated, it is written to disk and can directly be used as a game map.

  •  15 Aug 2008 17:18

Release Notes: Extended object attributes: an object can now be defined as a "container" (e.g. a box), so other objects can be placed in it. There are four new commands (open, close, lock, and unlock) that can be used with the new "container object" attribute. The drop/put command has been extended for use with container objects, so you can now type "put x into y". An object can be defined to act as a key in order to lock/unlock a container object. You can specify a drive number for each game data file.


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