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microQuestMaker64 is a native Commodore 64 application that makes it easy to design small text adventure games in the tradition of "Zork" or the legendary "Cave" adventure. It will run in an emulator as well as on native C64 hardware. At the moment, it supports up to 100 rooms and 30 objects within a single game. Although the program is still incomplete and under development, you can already edit rooms, define objects, and test-run your game. Game data is stored in the Commodore "REL" file format, allowing random access of records. Coding is done utilizing the cc65 cross-compiler.


Recent releases

  •  08 Oct 2009 00:01

    Release Notes: This release includes many changes and new features. These include the introduction of a game configuration file, support for custom colors in every room, initial release of the condition engine, and initial release of a stand-alone runtime program in order to run games without the need of the editor. The codebase has been optimized to use less memory. A new demo game is included. The maze generator is now a separate tool.

    •  24 Aug 2008 21:55

      Release Notes: Random level generation: you can now randomize up to 100 rooms instantly, as this release utilizes a simple maze generator. Once the maze has been calculated, it is written to disk and can directly be used as a game map.

      •  15 Aug 2008 17:18

        Release Notes: Extended object attributes: an object can now be defined as a "container" (e.g. a box), so other objects can be placed in it. There are four new commands (open, close, lock, and unlock) that can be used with the new "container object" attribute. The drop/put command has been extended for use with container objects, so you can now type "put x into y". An object can be defined to act as a key in order to lock/unlock a container object. You can specify a drive number for each game data file.

        •  08 Aug 2008 17:54

          Release Notes: A generic file I/O routine has been implemented instead of datatype-dependent file I/O, saving 4 blocks or about 1K of program size. Obsolete code lines and comments have been removed.

          •  04 Aug 2008 15:29

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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