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Mice (Mundungus Internet Connection Enhancer) is a server designed for a home network where one machine has a modem to connect to the Internet. Clients on other machines can communicate with the server and ask it to connect to the Internet. The server keeps track of client requests and disconnects when all clients no longer require connection. Mice server does not connect to the Internet itself--it relies on programs such as pppd to do that. An example set-up using pppd is supplied.


Recent releases

  •  02 Aug 2002 02:56

    Release Notes: The server can interrogate the clients to check that they are still responding and, if neccessary, terminate the internet connection. The reason for this is that on a wireless network, if the network is disconnected, the server does not recognise that the client has disappeared for some time. Telnet clients should respond to the check but this is not guaranteed.

    •  03 May 2002 00:17

      Release Notes: Only the Java client and documentation have been changed. The name of the server to contact can be set in the client's GUI as well as on the commandline. The Java client also runs on the Psion 5mx, and a .app file is included.

      •  25 Jan 2002 23:27

        Release Notes: This release has the ability to set up ISP names in the server so that a selected ISP name is passed to the connect script. The ISP names appear in a drop-down box on the Java client. The Java client has been modified to run under Java 1.1.

        •  12 Nov 2001 23:58

          Release Notes: A Java GUI client.

          •  11 Oct 2001 22:36

            Release Notes: The server can be run via inetd or as a daemon.


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