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MIB Smithy SDK

MIB Smithy SDK is a dynamic extension to Tcl/Tk (8.4+) that allows development of custom scripts for controlling SNMP agents, manipulating SMI definitions, doing conversions, and more. It is based on the core of Muonics' MIB Smithy, and the SDK supports SMIv1 and SMIv2, as well as SNMPv1/v2c/v3 with HMAC-SHA-96 and HMAC-MD5-96 authentication and DES/CBC and AES128/CFB privacy. It also provides complete read-write access to all elements of SMI/MIB Module definitions, unlike similar extensions that provide only read access to a limited subset. The SDK allows multiple discrete SMI databases and SNMP sessions, and provides all of the built-in validation and error recovery capabilites of the full product, without the visual MIB development environment.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Nov 2013 05:42

    Release Notes: Minor bugs were fixed.

    •  03 Sep 2013 11:48

      Release Notes: MIB parser/validator messages were clarified, and all messages now have unique IDs associated with the rules that produce them (for filtering support). Support for specifying SNMPv3 keys (unlocalized or pre-localized) for session use, rather than passwords, was added. Support for MODULE-CONFORMANCE (RFC 1303) was added. Minor bugs were fixed.

      •  23 Oct 2012 17:09

        Release Notes: Support for decoding KeyChange values was added. New features were added for simplifying OID comparison operations, SNMP session and request configuration, MIB loading, and friendlier formatting of TimeTicks values. Improvements were made to the wrapper providing Scotty compatibility. Minor bugs were fixed.

        •  16 Jul 2012 17:30

          Release Notes: This release supports receiving SNMPv3 auth/priv informs and specifying contextName and contextEngineID in SNMPv3 messages. The ability to restrict listening for traps to a specific interface (rather than all interfaces) has been added. Binaries for Mac OS X are now PPC+x86 instead of PPC-only.

          •  16 Aug 2011 02:15

            Release Notes: More features were added to the Scotty/TNM compatibility APIs including "mib pack", "mib unpack, and "mib scan", with native SDK versions. Compiler messages were clarified. Changes were made to improve interoperability with some SNMPv3 agents.

            Recent comments

            29 Jun 2003 06:57 muonics

            Moodss Integration
            MIB Smithy SDK is integrated with Moodss versions 17.3 and later (also listed here on freshmeat) as an alternative to the Scotty-based SNMP module. Using MIB Smithy SDK in place of Scotty provides full SNMPv3 support with authentication and privacy and compatibility with modern Tcl versions.


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