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Mezzanine is a set of tools which simplify the management of software packages and collections of software packages. It provides encapsulation for source and package management as well as a streamlined mechanism for making changes to these packages.

Operating Systems

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  •  28 Aug 2005 19:08

Release Notes: SCM functionality has been rewritten as implementations of a standard interface class. This will allow more seamless support of other SCM systems (e.g. Subversion). Dependencies on the "Meta" package, perhaps the worst thing ever to happen to CPAN, have been worked around, and this release allows for local mode operation on non-CPAN Perl archives on the filesystem. Spec files are now passed through RPM's own parser for improved macro expansion. Several new specgen templates were added, and many minor bugs fixed along the way.

  •  06 Nov 2002 04:08

No changes have been submitted for this release.


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