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Metisse is an X-based window system designed with two goals in mind. First, it should make it easy for HCI researchers to design and implement innovative window management techniques. Second, it should conform to existing standards and be robust and efficient enough to be used on a daily basis, making it a suitable platform for the evaluation of the proposed techniques. Metisse is not focused on a particular kind of interaction (e.g. 3D) and should not be seen as a new desktop proposal. It is rather a tool for creating new types of desktop environments.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2007 14:44

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  16 Dec 2004 14:20

      Release Notes: An Xwnc crash caused by off pixmap rendering was fixed. A crash which occurred at a color depth of 16 was fixed, so Xwnc can be ran at depth 16 again. Some gcc-3.4 MMX code from for composite operation and filling was added, providing a small speed improvement. FvwmAmetista Image encoding handling was improved.

      •  01 Dec 2004 13:15

        Release Notes: A temporary lock with applications which draw a lot of disjoint rectangles at once was fixed. A core dump caused by very big cursors was fixed. FvwmAmetista configuration was improved. Handling of FVWM tips was improved. X and Y rotations of windows were improved to respect pseudo- gravity. The wnc protocol was augmented to clearly distinguish the root window.

        •  12 Aug 2004 19:38

          Release Notes: A software cursor was implemented for Mac OSX. The experimental fvwm-insitu focus/stacking policy styles were enabled. Window resizing was improved. A crash caused by fvwm icons was fixed. Some configuration for fvwm icons was added. The grey lines around the windows were removed.

          •  28 Jul 2004 14:23

            Release Notes: Support for ARGB cursors was added. FvwmAmetista iconification (button 3 on the task bar) was fixed. Some options to FvwmAmetista were added for better control of the rendering. The GLX extension was added to Xwnc, but the rendering is not accelerated. XRecord, XFixes, and double buffer extensions were added to Xwnc. Some FvwmAmetista and Xwnc segmentation faults were fixed. Compilation with gcc 3.3 and 3.4 was fixed.


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