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MetaWareJ is a framework for creating Web-based business applications dealing with data input, validation, and processing, based on client's requirements and rules. Examples of these are any type of inventory, invoicing, customer database, sales, application bridges, government projects (customs, ports, civil registry, internal revenue), etc. Applications built with MetaWareJ are Java Web applications utilizing HTML/JavaScript. MetaWareJ can produce a variety of outputs such as charts, PDF reports, CSV exports, etc. The screens are simple and homogeneous, and the programmer does not have to spend any time to maintain them. The programmer defines the data to be retrieved, the updating of tables, the validations, and the screen content in a very simple MetaWareJ XML language. Producing outputs of different formats does not require any re-programming (or designing) of the output.

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  •  16 Sep 2013 16:51

    Release Notes: This release adds various improvements and bugfixes.

    •  08 Aug 2013 13:41

      Release Notes: Reporting improvements, a reduction in memory use, and the ability to create PDF reports with thousands of pages. Data can be shared between nested tables for faster report creation. The programming interface for customizing transactions was improved.


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