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MetaRuby contains miscellaneous libraries (useful now) for a future Ruby-in-Ruby interpreter including Array/Hash/String as abstract ("Hollow") classes, an undo queue, a statistical time-profiler, an event loop, a modular marshaller ("ToSource"), a specification for a modular+reflexive+homoiconic remote call system ("LGRAM"), a declarative type system, a schema for expressing Ruby source code as proper (non-special) Ruby objects, etc.


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  •  18 Sep 2001 06:23

Release Notes: Parts known as <something>Mixin have been renamed to Hollow<something>. Statistical time-profiler, event loop, type system, shareable undo-queue for data structures, lgram spec, Ruby schema, lgram parser, documentation, and a standard Ruby-style installer (extconf.rb) added.


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A knowledge creation system.


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Armadillo C++ Library

A fast C++ matrix library with an API similar to Matlab's.