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Blursoft MetaForum utilizes AJAX to generate a unique forum experience. Threads and posts auto-update in real time, with no refreshing required. User-based moderation ensures only the most interesting topics emerge above your viewing threshold, and private threads invite multiple users to engage in a private conversation. Complete with advanced quoting mechanisms, CSS based templates, and statistically normalized user rankings, MetaForum is a fresh, fast, efficient, and completely new perspective on forums and message boards.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Aug 2009 02:54

    Release Notes: A few "vulnerabilities" in the Ajax handling that allowed people to insert themselves into private threads or see the last post in threads they weren't allowed to see were fixed. The ability for Safari and IE users to post threads was fixed. "Anonymous" posting capability was added for people who don't want to register. This is an option for the administrator.

    •  06 Mar 2008 16:25

      Release Notes: This release sees the introduction of the "QuickReply" feature that lets you reply to the last post without actually entering the thread. Also, the QuickQuote mechanism has been improved to allow double-clicking, which jumps the user to the reply window. Signatures can now have BBCode in them for images and links. YouTube and MetaCafe video embedding support has been added. Full IE6 compatibility has been achieved. Thread filters allow users to view all, private, subscribed, or buried threads.

      •  14 Nov 2007 18:40

        Release Notes: This release includes a vastly optimized SQL implementation to increase the performance of MTL by 200x in some cases. It also includes an all new redesigned control bar at the top, with "thread filter" views for All, Hot, Private, Subscribed, etc. A "subscribed threads" feature has been added with the option to email notifications upon activity. A feature to hide private threads from the main thread listing that have no unread posts has been added. Forum administrators can add custom CSS styles to their forum through the admin panel. There are countless other bugfixes, optimizations, and improvements.

        •  30 Aug 2007 17:11

          Release Notes: This release includes the introduction of a "Poll" feature that can be added to any thread, with a current maximum of 5 options specified by thread starter. Checks were added to post submitting to protect against karma gaming. The ability for admins to ban problem users from the site has been added. In-thread notifications of when people moderate a thread have been added. There are several other minor bugfixes and stylesheet improvements.

          •  14 Aug 2007 17:45

            Release Notes: Changes in this release include complete refactoring of private thread participants and moderation notifications, functionality to add and remove participants from private threads, full UTF-8 special character support, Russian language support, a bugfix in the unread posts notification, and several other bugfixes in the moderating and NRi calculation modules. The way AJAX calls are visually indicated has been changed/fixed. The way channels are indicated as filtered or unfiltered has been fixed.

            Recent comments

            18 May 2007 08:14 bculler

            Re: Sound great

            Also clicking the "community" link at the top of the metaforum website takes you to the same place.

            17 May 2007 08:36 manuel80

            Sound great
            Is there a online demo somewhere?


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