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  •  02 Sep 2004 19:23

Release Notes: The detection of the type of query has been fixed in several driver classes to also consider tabs and line breaks as SQL command separators. The Metabase schema manager class has been fixed to deal correctly with simultaneous table renaming and index dropping. The MySQL schema manager extension class has been fixed to retrieve the correct table index names and also to suppress warnings when creating and dropping databases. The Interbase schema manager class has been fixed to create and drop databases correctly. The Metabase schema XSL stylesheet has been improved to display field lengths and the page background correctly.

  •  10 Jul 2001 13:15

Release Notes: All uses of the strtok function were removed, since they make PHP crash when used from inside session handler functions. The documentation and tutorials were improved. Support for Oracle default table spaces was added. Templates for designing database schemas with the EditPlus editor were added.


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