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Version 2002.01.21 of Metabase

Release Notes: This release adds functions for bulk data fetching that execute queries and retrieve whole result sets in a single call, a function to implement the SQL REPLACE query that works in most of the supported DBMS, and a function to specify a programmer defined error handling function.

Other releases

  •  27 Jun 2011 08:10

    Release Notes: This release adds support to retrieve a whole result set into a bidimensional array on which the row indexes are set to a given column value of the respective row. The database access errors may include now contextual information like query name or the time a query took to execute when it failed. Support was added for setting the character set of a database when it is created. PHP strict warnings are avoided.

    •  20 Nov 2009 12:13

      Release Notes: This release adds support for setting the query result column types and name, so the result rows are returned as associative arrays using the given column names, thus provding a database independent solution to name query result columns. It now only uses PCRE regular expression functions instead of the deprecated POSIX regular expression functions in preparation for PHP 6.

      Release Notes: This release adds support for nested transactions, i.e. transactions that can be started when another transaction is already in progress. The database schema XML parser portability was enhanced to disallow more table and field names that are reserved words in several types of databases. Several minor bugs were fixed.

      Release Notes: The Metabase API was enhanced to provide database independent escaping of % and _ in SQL LIKE expressions that may need to take these and other wildcard characters literally. Several functions were added to build patterns that match expressions that begin, end, or contain a given text, along with another function for composing any other kind of pattern.

      Release Notes: The SQLite driver was updated to support native auto-increment fields, primary keys, and binary data escaping stored in BLOB fields. This driver also supports table renaming and column adding when using the SQLite 3 library. The MySQL and PostgreSQL drivers were updated to create tables using native fixed point decimal fields. The decimal field emulation using large integer fields became an option to support legacy versions. The debug output buffer that records all queries and driver activity is now flushed every time it is retrieved by an application.


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