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Release Notes: This version is the first step towards anti-spam measures per recipient using smtps_rcpt_conf as a tag in the access map. For now only greylisting can be requested, but further development is planned.

Release Notes: The value part of a mailertable entry can now follow the same syntax as the MeTA1 configuration file. This is another step to use the syntax rules also in all maps for consistency and flexibility.

Release Notes: This release installs all necessary files to compile a pmilter without referring to the MeTA1 source tree. It also logs a warning if "RELAY" is found in access map for "from:" lookups and ignores the lookup.

Release Notes: This version allows you to specify a list of characters that can act as delimiters in the local part of an email address. This makes it simpler to deal with broken Web sites that do not allow the plus sign as a valid character in an email address. Moreover, smar reads the list of nameservers from /etc/resolv.conf unless at least one nameserver is explicitly specified in the configuration file or the option use_resolvconf is turned off.

Release Notes: An incompatible change was made: map entries for the SMTP server and client which contain configuration data (smtps_session_conf, smtpc_session_conf, and smtpc_rcpt_conf) now require tls_requirements as section around previous data. Map entries of type session_features have been merged into smtps_session_conf. A simple conversion script for access maps is available: scripts/sessfeatmerge.awk.

Release Notes: Configuration data for an SMTP client session or a recipient can be stored in an entry in the access or qmgr map. This is currently used to specify TLS related requirements, for example, to allow only verified connections to some servers or for specified recipients.

Release Notes: A session in the SMTP server can now be (partially) configured via an entry in the access map by a value which follows the normal configuration syntax. For now this is used to specify TLS related requirements, e.g., to allow only verified connections from some clients, however, this will be extended in later versions.


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A microcontroller assembler.


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Mutt Folder List

A mutt patch that adds a sidebar showing all mail folders.