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Version 1.0.Alpha12.0 of MeTA1

Release Notes: This release adds an option to deal with broken MTAs that are unable to implement a simple protocol: allow_space_after_colon_for_MAIL_and_RCPT allows a space after the colon in the MAIL and RCPT commands.

    Other releases

    •  01 Apr 2014 11:25

      Release Notes: This release included a fix to handle an error condition if FFR_CERT_PINNING is used.

      •  10 Mar 2014 21:07

        Release Notes: This release fixes IPv6-related deficiencies and adds new features for TLS (Digest) and mcp (failure_max).

        •  18 Feb 2014 03:24

          Release Notes: This release adds features to deal with TLS interoperability problems.

          •  21 Jan 2014 12:20

            Release Notes: This version enhances handling of failures of processes that are under control of mcp and adds cert pinning as an experimental feature.

            •  24 Dec 2013 06:39

              Release Notes: This release fixed a stack alignment problem for *BSD based OSs in statethreads, which caused crashes when compiled against a recent OpenSSL version which uses asm code for SHA functions. It also introduced an incompatible change for the lookup algorithm in maps for IP addresses, fixed a "dot-stuffing" bug in contrib/femail.c, and added some more TLS and IPv6 related enhancements.


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