Version 0.2.0 of The Meson Build System

Release Notes: This release adds lots of exciting new features. Meson now works on Windows (with MinGW) as well as OS X. A new dependency subsystem allows detection and use of frameworks that don't provide pkg-config files. This provides native support for GTest, GMock, and Boost. The unit testing framework produces log files and has native support for Valgrind.

    Other releases

    •  13 Apr 2014 00:15

      Release Notes: This release adds experimental support for generating XCode project files. There has been extensive work on scalability, and Meson can now compile almost all of Qt Creator. This project of several thousand source files is configured in less than two seconds, and a no-op build takes less than 0.1 seconds.

      •  22 Mar 2014 23:21

        Release Notes: The biggest new feature in this release is Visual Studio project generation. This functionality is usable, but not fully polished yet, and it only supports VS 2010. There is also new alpha-level support for compiling Java applications. Meson also sports a new handwritten recursive descent parser, so it no longer has any dependencies outside Python's standard library.

        •  25 Feb 2014 02:43

          Release Notes: This release reworks subprojects so they can now depend on other subprojects. Another new functionality is the ability to generate simple pkg-config files without having to write a template manually. Many smaller functional improvements and bugfixes were also added.

          •  20 Jan 2014 03:23

            Release Notes: This version adds native support for Unity builds. This is a technique to improve full build times and to produce faster code. Meson takes care of all the details of producing a unity file, the user just needs to enable unity builds. In addition, a new command line utility for configuring existing builds has been added. Its functionality is similar to the GUI tool which has shipped with Meson for several releases.

            •  22 Dec 2013 17:33

              Release Notes: There are two kinds of platforms, those with package managers and those without. To support the latter, people usually attach the source code of dependencies in their source tree. Distribution packagers do not like this because they have to unbundle them. This version of Meson solves the problem by introducing embeddable subprojects. With them, it is trivial to write build definitions which use packaged dependencies when they are available and bundled ones when they are not.


              Project Spotlight

              ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC

              A minimal BASIC compiler.


              Project Spotlight

              Java Print Dialog Framework

              A comprehensive printing solution for Java applications.