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Mesk is a PyGtk+ audio player that supports multiple playlists and plugins.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Jul 2007 08:47

    Release Notes: The new playlist keybinding "Q" and a menuitem were added for adding tracks to the front of the playlist queue. The playlist keybinding "Alt+q" was added for clearing the queue. Album covers fetched from Amazon are now cached. Relative paths in playlist URIs now work. The Gajim status plugin talks directly with the Gajim DBus service rather than through the shell, which fixes the problem encoding "♫". A playlist name is now exported correctly.

    •  08 May 2007 04:44

      Release Notes: A process renaming bug was fixed by removing it, since it never really worked and was not portable. A lyrics plugin that will load a Google search in a Web browser was added. Better filtering and selection of album art search results was implemented. A Swedish (sv) translation was added.

      •  21 Apr 2007 10:09

        Release Notes: This release added a DBus service and interface, CD audio support, and a system tray icon. Playlists can now be exported to any of the supported playlist types. Support for read-only playlists and annotations was added. Startup time for large/many playlists was added. XSPF and PLS playlist support was implemented. Key bindings were updated. Album covers can now be downloaded from with the albumart plugin. The Gajim status plugin now allows customization of the format through the preference dialog. Last.FM status and stats are shown in the plugin configuration dialog. A home page link was added to the view menu.

        •  24 Sep 2006 20:05

          Release Notes: The window title is now updated with the current track information. The state of the file chooser directory select checkbox is now remembered. Playlist search entry expands with window. A startup failure when an audio format is not found in the Python MIME-types database was fixed. The Audioscrobber plugin leaks fewer file handles. Minor UI tweaks were done.

          •  17 Sep 2006 06:14

            Release Notes: Gstreamer 0.10 is now used, and 0.8 is no longer supported. Multiple playlists can be used at once, with the ability to cut, copy, and paste between them. Support for Ogg Vorbis was added. Remote (HTTP) audio and playlist support was added, including HTTP authentication. A context menu was added to the playlist. The volume can now be controlled using the mouse wheel, a scale slider, or the context menu. Album covers can now be loaded from the ID3 tag. The Gajim status plugin now prefixes the tune status with "♫:" instead of "np:".


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