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MEPIS Linux is a desktop Linux system that is also easy to configure as a dedicated server. It is designed for both personal and business purposes. It includes cutting-edge features such as a live/installation/recovery CD, automatic hardware configuration, NTFS partition resizing, ACPI power management, WiFi support, anti-aliased TrueType fonts, a personal firewall, KDE 3.1.2, and much more.

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  •  06 May 2011 23:23

    Release Notes: Configured with a kernel, the KDE 4.5.1 desktop, and many apps including LibreOffice 3.3.2, Firefox 4.0.1, VLC 1.1.3, Amarok 2.4.0, Kdenlive 0.7.9, Digikam 1.9.0, GIMP 2.6.10, and Inkscape 0.48.1.

    •  27 Nov 2003 19:42

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    Release Notes: In this release, the contents of CD #1 and CD #2 were tweaked in response to user feedback. Now CD #2 contains 865 additional packages. This version also includes the MEPIS Installation Center, MEPIS Control Center, and MEPIS User Tweaks apps.

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    03 Aug 2008 18:38 namida12 Thumbs up

    More than a year with Simply Mepis Distro
    Mid May 2007 I installed Mepis 6.5.2 the 64-bit

    version in a newer computer I had assembled in

    March. I had toyed with Vista on the dual core

    AMD 3600 running in a ECS GeForce 6100SM-M

    motherboard and come away very disappointed.

    Going back to Windows XP, a friend kept cajoling

    me to have a look at the Linux operating system,

    and I finally took the steps he suggested.

    Mepis 6.5.02 was a great system similar to

    windows it worked (out of the Box) after

    downloading and burning a Live CD with

    DVDDcryptor in my Windows system. In August I

    assembled another system using a AMD 4400 with

    another ESC GeForce 6100SM-M motherboard, and

    loaded the beta Mepis upgrade. I ran the two

    computer system side by side for comparison

    using the on-board graphics of the motherboard

    and when the Mepis7's Beta 3 was released in late

    October I began to see major improvements in

    the newer version of Mepis 7 over the 6.5.02 I

    was still using in the AMD 3600 system...

    In December the final version of Mepis7 went gold,

    and I was pleased with the operating system I

    was using... I had learned a great deal, and was

    seldom using the dual boot Mepis 6.5.02 system

    and decided to sell it to a neighbor. AMD released

    their Quad, and when I saw a CPU & Motherboard

    combo in my local computer store, I had them

    wrap it up for my Christmas gift... I had to wait

    until mid January to build the Quad system with 4

    gigs of 1.8 volt 6400 memory, as I needed a Power

    Supply and Video Card.

    The end of January with all the parts I needed,

    the AMD Phenom 9500 Agena 2.2GHz & the ECS

    A770M-A motherboard came alive running its 4

    gigs of memory with Mepis 7. I used the 64-bit

    version of Mepis7 and the yellow Synaptic icon in

    the Taskbar/Kicker had a number telling me it need

    to perform a few updates. I performed the

    updates and then it was time to install the ATI

    software to let the Video card display the

    1650x1050 of the wide screen monitor I had just


    I had purchased a used Diamond Viper Radeon

    X1650 Pro, and needed the official upgraded Flgrx

    drivers from the ATI website. I struggled with this

    install, and several rapid upgrades thinking it was

    the software and Mepis that was causing my video

    crashing problems. I tried other distro, but finally

    I tried my neighbors video card a newer HD 3850

    Radeon that received its power directly from the

    power supply and my video problems disappeared.

    Conclusion, I believe the power draw of the used

    Diamond Viper Radeon X1650 Pro was not being

    met, with the ECS A770M-A motherboard. It

    could be a problem with the Video card, or the

    motherboard, but using a video card with its

    power supplied directly from the Power Supply

    fixed the video display crashing.

    I was a very happy Mepis users, but wanted a

    newer version of Gimp than included in Synaptic.

    One complaint about Mepis I aways read on the

    various boards, and Linux newsgroups was the

    software was not up-to date. The stability and

    hardware recognition of mepis7 was better than

    most other Distro, but the software packaging was

    not very leading edge.

    Mepis7 using the Debian repositories moving from

    stable to testing, and venturing to experimental

    many experienced Mepis users began to back-port

    a good number of up dated software packages.

    These experienced users have shared their

    updated software available to other users in package sharing section of the

    forums. I was able to download and install the

    latest Gimp, Pan, Amarok and Deluge a light weight

    bit-torrent software.

    I am delighted with mepis7 running in my AMD

    Quad system, and now with the conversation in

    Mepislovers forums about the first betas for

    testing Mepis8 arriving in the near future I will

    again be running the betas, along side my main

    system until it Mepis8 goes gold. Will I build a new

    computer for the next Mepis release, I am not

    certain, since my current AMD Quad computer

    system is more processing power than I or Mepis


    After a year of using Linux or specifically Mepis7, I

    am delighted not to run Windows, and I still

    chuckle about Vista when I hear about the spam

    and virus problems that plague these systems I

    once defended. Mepis7 is a wonderful, easily

    configured, quality operating system far more

    stable & dependable than any version of Windows

    I have ever dreamed about using... I look forward

    to a KDE 4.2 interface when it arrives, because I

    know it will be rock solid in a Mepis Linux Release.

    02 Jul 2007 21:43 namida12 Thumbs up

    6 weeks with linux
    6 weeks with Linux and I am still enjoying learning, and the

    vocabulary in not as foreign now...

    Coming from Windows it was different, not as easy as I

    presumed viewing the opening screen. Had trouble with

    Adobe Shockwave, and Flash updates, and still can not view

    youtube videos with Konqueror, but using Opera has made

    things better.

    Still not happy with any of the newsgroup reader software in

    Linux, I was spoiled using MesNews in windows... Pan is very

    stable software as supplied in Mepis, but it does not allow an

    attachment with a post, nor can I use the right mouse click to

    download a single image.

    Pan is a fine text reader, but has problems with multi-part

    binary postings. Also there is not a binary posting program

    that can be used as a point and click program with a KDE

    interface, only one I have located but it uses a command-line

    interface. Thunderbird is worse with multi-part images

    binary postings.

    But I can post a single image as an attachment in a

    newsgroup community using Thunderbird. So far my

    experience in Linux it requires two programs to participate in

    a binary newsgroup community if you want to post and

    download images. Now a days, everyone posts large images,

    before they were image were never multi-part postings.

    The upgrade to Open Office 2.2 was an easy upgrade, via

    apt-get. All in All Mepis surpasses my expectations after my

    first week toying with a new operating system.

    Inkscape, and Xara Xtreme are two graphic programs that are

    a very pleasant Linux surprise...


    31 May 2007 12:02 namida12 Thumbs up

    New user with 6.5.02 64-bit release
    I moved from windows to Mepis on the recommendation of

    another users. I am a newbie, but learning new software and

    have not used a windows program yet. I do miss my older

    Adobe Photoshop, but I keep using the Gimp Image Editor.

    Not a programmer only a user that enjoys playing with

    images & interacting in newsgroup communities...

    28 May 2004 09:55 cblue1 Thumbs up

    I have been a happy Mepis user for a couple months now and it just keeps getting better and better! I'm even running the latest beta of Mepis and it's so stable and easy to use.

    28 May 2004 09:39 justQ Thumbs up

    Excellent distro
    It can be used for everything you may need & it always behaves well. You can try it the most recent final version as well as the betas ( the betas have even more hardware support, the latest kernel versions, etc ). Ah, it can be used a live cd, before installing in the hard drive.


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