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Menstruation calendar

Mencal is a simple variation of the well-known Unix command cal. The main difference is that you can have some periodically repeating days highlighted in color. This can be used to track menstruation (or other) cycles conveniently.


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  •  17 Jul 2003 00:06

Release Notes: This version fixes displaying of incorrect day names for same locales and a typo in an error message.

  •  09 Dec 2002 07:03

Release Notes: A bug in which some months were not printed if '-3' was used has been fixed. Counting menstruation days was optimized.

  •  29 Mar 2002 14:49

Release Notes: The source code has been 95% rewriten. All known bugs have been fixed, brain-damaged configuration files have been eliminated, more configuration has been merged, more colors have been added, and non-colored output is possible.


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