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  •  10 Jun 2012 18:40

    Release Notes: This release adds the ability to mmap a device other than /dev/mem, enabling easier testing of memory for hardware engineers et al if their system's kernel exports the memory they're interested in via /dev/mydevice or similar. It adds the ability to run only specified tests by setting the environment variable MEMTESTER_TEST_MASK to a bitmask of the indexes of the tests to be run.

    •  24 Jul 2011 19:15

    Release Notes: This release adds a progress message for one more errno value (EAGAIN) in response to failed mlock; BSDs use this to indicate the lock failed due to being over a system or process limit, much like ENOMEM.

    •  04 Oct 2010 09:01

    Release Notes: A problem in which offsets/addresses were not being reported correctly in test failure messages was fixed.

    •  31 Jul 2010 12:19

    Release Notes: _FILE_OFFSET_BITS is now defined as 64 bits by default in conf-cc, which causes some 32-bit systems with larger than 32-bit address spaces to have a 64-bit off_t, allowing testing of larger chunks of memory. Tests of 8 and 16-bit wide random writes were added to enable verification of the correct operation of hardware. If these tests trigger unaligned access problems on your platform, they can be eliminated by removing the -DTEST_NARROW_WRITES definition from the conf-cc file.

    •  28 Feb 2010 22:06

    Release Notes: This release fixes 64-bit data patterns with some versions of gcc. It clarifies 'make install' in the readme.

    •  28 Jul 2009 17:43

    Release Notes: This release fixes a portability issue with the MAP_LOCKED flag. It removes debugging output accidentally left in v.4.1.0. There are some cleanups.

    •  24 Jul 2009 23:26

      Release Notes: This release improves the documentation and adds two features: one is the ability to specify the amount of memory to test more easily, and the other is to allocate a specific physical region of memory to test (primarily of interest to hardware developers).

      Release Notes: This release adds a startup check for the amount of memory being greater than the possible address space. This prevents user confusion on 32-bit systems that use addressing tricks to have over 4GB total system memory. There are documentation updates.

      •  14 May 2007 10:41

      Release Notes: A bug has been fixed in the align-to-page logic that may have prevented memtester from mlock()ing the memory it was trying to test on some systems.

      •  15 Nov 2006 18:35

      Release Notes: This release improves the test algorithm; the walking 0 bits test was only walking the 0 bit in one direction, instead of walking it up and back down the line the way it was intended to.


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