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memtest86+ is a memory tester which is based on memtest86 v3.0, and provides an up-to-date version of this useful tool, which aims to be as reliable as the original. It has been fixed to work on AMD64 systems, and also properly detects all current CPUs and motherboard chipsets. It supports ECC polling for AMD64, i875P, and E7205, and displays some useful settings for the most popular chipsets.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Aug 2010 19:39

    Release Notes: Support was added for Core i7 Extreme CPU (32nm), Core i5/i3 (32 nm), Pentium Gxxxx (32 mn), Westmere-based Xeon, and AMD 6-core CPUs. Preliminary support was added for Intel Sandy Bridge. Detection for Intel 3200/3210 was added. A new installer for USB keys was added. A crash at startup was corrected. Many other bugs were fixed.

    •  22 Sep 2009 21:26

      Release Notes: Major architectural changes were made. The first pass is twice as fast because the iterations were reduced. DDR2/3 brands and part numbers on Intel DDR2/3 chipsets are detected. Detection was added for Intel "Clarkdale" CPU, Intel "Gulftown" CPU, AMD "Magny-Cours" CPU, Intel XMP Memory, and CPUs with 0.5, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 16, 18, or 24 MB of L3. "Clean" DMI detection was added for DDR3/FBDIMM2. Detection of Integrated Memory Controllers was improved. Detection was corrected for Intel "Lynnfield" CPU and AMD 45nm K10 CPU. A crash with AMD Geode LX was solved. The program now complies with SMBIOS 2.6.1 specs. Compilation issues with gcc 4.2+ were fixed. Many other bugs were fixed.

      •  22 Dec 2008 19:16

        Release Notes: This release adds support for the Intel Core i5 (Lynnfield) CPU, Intel P55 Southbridge, Intel PM45/GM45/GM47 Mobile chipset, and Intel GL40/GS45 Mobile chipset. It corrects DDR2/DDR3 detection on Intel x35/x45, corrects detection on some Core i7 CPUs, fixes a bug with some AMI BIOS (freeze at startup), and has various bugfixes.

        •  16 Nov 2008 10:00

          Release Notes: Support was added for Intel Core i7 (Nehalem) CPU, Intel Atom Processors, Intel G41/G43/G45 Chipsets, Intel P43/P45 Chipsets, Intel US15W (Poulsbo) Chipset, Intel EP80579 (Tolapai) SoC CPU, ICH10 Southbridge (SPD/DMI), and Intel 5000X. A workaround was added for DDR3 DMI detection. The program is now fully aware of a CPU with L3 cache (Core i7 & K10). Intel 5000Z chipset detection, Memory Frequency on AMD K10, and cache detection on C7/Isaiah CPU were fixed.

          •  25 May 2008 12:38

            Release Notes: Support for new CPUs and chipsets was added. An optional beep mode was added. Pass duration was reduced by 20%. The blinking cursor was removed. Test #0 was reverted to cached. Some bugs were fixed.


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