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MemCheck Deluxe

MemCheck Deluxe is a memory usage tracker and leak finder. It allows developers to find memory leaks quickly, as well as providing some memory usage information.

Operating Systems

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  •  12 Jun 2004 00:55

Release Notes: The C++ macros were changed to work with newer versions of GC that have stronger type checking.

Release Notes: This branch features a nearly complete rewrite. The core was made far more flexible and faster, allowing more errors to be detected including double-frees and some forms of buffer overflows. Configuration is now handled at runtime instead of compile time. The C++ support was redone to utilize the new core routines.

  •  01 Jun 2003 17:46

Release Notes: This release adds C++ new/delete support, fixes a getcwd bug, and cleans up the build system.

  •  16 Dec 2002 06:26

Release Notes: A scanf patch was added. Support for getcwd extentions was added. A potential locking bug was fixed. Some of the code was cleaned up.

  •  21 Nov 2002 10:35

Release Notes: Log redirection was added. A few small bugs were fixed. A patch for asprintf/vasprintf was added. Some Win32 issues were cleaned up.


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