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  •  05 Dec 2008 19:26

Release Notes: All HTML is now HTML 4.01 Strict compliant, and all styling performed by CSS. This release includes a fresh, modern look. Security improvements by improved HTML and SQL escaping, improved database access, and much improved form data handling. New and updated translations: Basque, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Booking highlighting is performed with CSS instead of JavaScript, unless you're using IE6. Navigating between day, week, and month views should now be much better.

  •  12 Oct 2004 20:41

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Release Notes: This version adds "periods" support, an 'auth_db' authentication scheme, and email support. It can send email to the system administrator, area or room administrators, or bookers, for each entry created or modified.

Release Notes: This release includes a revamped session-based authentication process, full Unicode support, and better language determination.


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