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Meep is a free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation software package to model electromagnetic systems. It supports distributed-memory parallel simulations, nonlinear, anisotropic, and dispersive media, PML absorbing boundaries, and 1D/2D/3D and cylindrical problems. It is completely scriptable from either C++ or a Scheme (GNU Guile) interface.

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  •  20 Jul 2012 23:21

Release Notes: This release adds support for Guile 2.x, anisotropic dispersive materials, efficient LDOS computation, stress tensor spectra, and various other minor features and bugfixes.

  •  25 Aug 2009 08:01

Release Notes: A bug in the Casimir-force script was fixed.

Release Notes: Absorbing boundary layers for anisotropic, dispersive, and conducting media was greatly improved. Several other minor improvements and bugfixes were made.

  •  05 Jun 2009 18:18

Release Notes: Improvements to the configure script to make cross-compiling easier.

  •  02 Jun 2009 21:23

Release Notes: Fixes to superficial failures in test programs with certain compilers.


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