Version 1.13.0 of MediaWiki

Release Notes: 59,000 new localised text messages have been added, taking the total to 266,000, spread across 281 languages. New special pages: FileDuplicateSearch and ListGroupRights. Special:UserRights and Special:SpecialPages have been redesigned. You can hide categories with __HIDDENCAT__. Image redirects are now enabled by default. Search results show image thumbnails. The search box in the MonoBook sidebar can be moved up by editing [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]]. Double redirects created by a page move can be fixed automatically. There are many other changes.

Other releases

  •  12 Sep 2013 23:32

    Release Notes: This is a security and maintenance release of the 1.21 branch. It fixes extension detection with 2 .'s. Support for the 'gettoken' parameter to action=block and action=unblock, deprecated since 1.20, has been removed. This release sanitizes ResourceLoader exception messages. It will purge upstream caches when deleting file assets. The unit test suite now runs the AutoLoader tests. The autoloading entry for the PageORMTableForTesting class has also been fixed, though it had no impact.

    •  25 Oct 2012 20:25

    Release Notes: Several bugs have been fixed.

    Release Notes: A cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability was fixed. Fatal errors with unusual file repository configurations, such as ForeignAPIRepo were fixed. The "change password" link on Special:Preferences was changed to have the correct returnto parameter.

    •  15 Dec 2008 13:44

    Release Notes: XSS and CSRF vulnerabilities were fixed.

    •  02 Oct 2008 17:06

    Release Notes: An XSS vulnerability has been fixed.


    Project Spotlight

    Bitcoin Core

    A peer-to-peer network-based digital currency.


    Project Spotlight

    Vendetta Online

    A multiplatform, 3D space-combat MMORPG.