RSS All releases of Media Server Control Panel

  •  10 Aug 2013 18:37

    Release Notes: This release adds CentOS 6.4 support and a few minor bugfixes.

    •  28 Jul 2013 12:56

      Release Notes: Removes OpenVZ based guest support. Adds Ogg Opus format to the Stream Transcoder. Adds more System Information to the Admin Page. Fixes a UTF-8 bug in the Web Interface. Multi-language supported installer, uninstaller, and chadminpasswd script. German language support. Stereo Tool update. Improved performance.

      •  18 Apr 2013 14:33

        Release Notes: This release fixed a security issue in the HTTP server, and a bit rate selection bug in the AutoDJ settings page and Stream Transcoder settings page. A 'Kill Source' button was added to the Main Page, a Listen link and Playlist link info were added to the Media Server info, and an alternative Icecast2 skin was added. 'Web Server port' and 'FTP Server port' options were added to the 'Global settings' page. Logging pages were rewritten. A logging mode and filter were added, and stability was improved.

        •  25 Nov 2012 18:12

          Release Notes: This release fixes a scroll bug in Chrome, and fixes an Audio Processor display status bug. It adds 'Priority settings', 'CPU cores usage', a 'Restart radios after server reboot' option, a Web Services log, an FTP Services log, and a Main Page button to the Admin Page. It adds a chadminpasswd script to the Installer. Stereo Tool has been updated. There are some minor bugfixes in the Admin Page. There are Icecast2 and AutoDJ start-stop performance improvements.

          •  17 Jun 2012 19:15

            Release Notes: Some minor bugfixes in Installer, Admin Page, AutoDJ, and Stream Transcoder settings. Adds a bftpd. Adds an Sc_trans v1 AutoDJ (no FLAC or Ogg support). Adds quota support. Adds Global settings to the admin page. Adds text blinking support for Chrome and Internet Explorer. Adds some Stereo Tool presets.

            •  13 Oct 2011 21:31

              Release Notes: Some minor bug fixes in Installer, Admin Page, AutoDJ, and Stream Transcoder settings. A NeoFM.sts Stereo Tool preset has been added to the Stream Transcoder. Sc_trans2 AutoDJ v2 Build 51 has been updated to v2 Build 54.

              •  10 Aug 2011 14:48

                Release Notes: Stream transcoding is supported. The input formats can be MP3, OGG, or AAC+. The output formats can be MP3 or OGG (stereo/mono). A stereo tool audio processor was added to the stream transcoder. (This requires SSE2 support.) Minor changes were made in the Admin Page.

                •  05 Aug 2011 22:25

                  Release Notes: This release updates Sc_trans2 AutoDJ v2 Build 48 to v2 Build 51. It adds upgrade checking in the admin page. Internet Explorer 8 and 9 are supported.

                  •  15 Jul 2011 22:47

                    Release Notes: This release updates Sc_trans2 AutoDJ v2 Build 40 to v2 Build 48. There are minor changes in the Admin Page HTML code.

                    •  09 Jul 2011 21:01

                      Release Notes: This release adds an Upgrade/Repair option to the installer. Relay settings were added to the "Icecast2 Server Settings" page. Some minor bugs were fixed in the Admin page.


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