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Modular toolkit for Data Processing

Modular toolkit for Data Processing (MDP) is a Python library to perform data processing. The algorithms it implements include: Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Slow Feature Analysis (SFA), and Growing Neural Gas (GNG).

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  •  07 Oct 2011 22:24

Release Notes: Python 3 support. New extensions: caching and gradient. An improved and expanded tutorial. Several improvements and bugfixes. This release is under a BSD license.

Release Notes: Crash_recovery is now off by default. To switch it on, use flow.set_crash_recovery(1). NoiseNode was added. SimpleFlow and SignalNode now have a "copy" method. SimpleFlow is now a mutable sequence type and implements many of the "list" methods. The scipy dependency was removed. MDP now runs with either Numeric, numarray, or scipy. symeig was removed. All classes are now new-style.


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