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  •  22 May 2012 11:03

Release Notes: This release fixes a serious regression that caused adding a device with "--add" to sometimes fail when it should not. This did not cause any risk to data. The "--layout=preserve" option for "--grow" was fixed.

  •  19 Oct 2007 03:22

Release Notes: "--create --auto=mdp" was made to work for non-standard device names. Restarting of a "reshape" if it was stopped in the middle was fixed. A segfault when using v1 superblock was fixed. --write-mostly was made effective when re-adding a device to an array. Various minor fixes were made.

  •  20 Aug 2007 05:18

Release Notes: Assorted minor bugs relating to RAID4, verison-1 metadata, option parsing, spare migration, and more were fixed.

  •  21 May 2007 05:10

Release Notes: Various bugfixes were made. It is now possible to hot-add a drive to a linear array (this used to work but there were bugs which recent kernel changes have tripped over). A new "--auto-detect" mode was added, which is equivalent to the "raidautorun" that some distros include.

  •  21 Feb 2007 23:39

Release Notes: Bugfixes were made for the --monitor and --grow options to better support RAID6. The documentation was updated and some compiler warnings were fixed.

  •  08 Nov 2006 15:58

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which meant that "bitmap=xxx" in mdadm.conf was not handled properly and a bug which caused an infinite loop when doing auto-assembly in certain cases in which arrays couldn't be assembled. The documentation has been updated.

  •  23 Oct 2006 00:29

Release Notes: Compiling fixes were done. Minor improvements were made to mdassemble, bitmap creation, and the documentation.

  •  06 Aug 2006 23:20

Release Notes: This release fixed a recent breakage of starting degraded arrays and included a few minor documentation updates.

  •  16 Jun 2006 05:15

Release Notes: Various compiler warnings fixes, various makefile fixes, and other fixes were made. The most significant fix is to remove a memory leak in --monitor mode that was introduced in 2.5.

  •  01 Feb 2006 23:09

Release Notes: This release fixed an assortment of bugs including a "--assemble --scan" crash. It also makes mdadm better at handling very large arrays. Some functionality to support some pending kernel features such as RAID 5 reshaping was added.


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