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The McNucle server software turns your Mac into an easy to use fileserver. Choose a file, generate the link, and send it to your friends. Your folder is presented to them in a handy Web page. You and your friends can now browse, preview, and download the files on your Mac from any Internet-enabled computer. Since you don't upload files up front, the amount of files you can present is virtually unlimited.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Oct 2007 14:22

    Release Notes: Until now, the Nucle Browser was required to access the folders on your Mac from another computer. Your shared folders can now also be shared as a Web page. This Web page enables you and your friends to browse, preview, and download your data with any Web browser on any Internet enabled computer.

    •  08 Sep 2007 00:00

      Release Notes: Two new buttons have been added to the Nucle Browser's interface. The first is a shortcut to adding a new zone to your McNucle server. The second is a shortcut to sending out invitations to your shared zones. Both buttons open a step-by-step wizard to guide you through the process. The entire set of buttons has been rearranged in a more logical order, and the colors have been changed to make the interface more lively.

      •  09 Aug 2007 16:12

        Release Notes: You may now search for files based on metadata; you set filters by clicking values. The mechanism provides the user with the actual set of values each of the filters can have with the current set of results. The Nucle Browser starts five times faster. The port of the McNucle server is now configurable. Installation is done completely over port 80 in order to avoid problems with strict firewall settings. Both the Nucle Browser and McNucle server can now upgrade themselves without losing the current configuration and settings.

        •  14 Jun 2007 13:28

          Release Notes: The McNucle server installation wizard is now embedded in the Nucle Browser interface. The server can be installed on any Mac in the local network from a Mac or Windows machine running the Nucle Browser. The management interface now enables you to add or remove zones (folders) to the McNucle server and add or remove users to your McNucle server to allow sharing. The Nucle browser now has thumbnail generation for images, movies, and PDFs. It can also import cover art for music. One Nucle Browser can now manage and search more than one McNucle server at the same time.


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