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Midnight Commander MP

Midnight Commander MP is an advanced clone of the famous Midnight Commander without Tk, xv, or GNOME parts (including GLib). It also features a real-time clock, file group colors, charset support for the viewer, editor, and panels, position saving for the viewer and editor, and more.


Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2003 21:44

    Release Notes: A MultiScreeen feature was added, HotKey fast re-sorting of files in panels is realised, and the Solaris and BeOS ports have both been improved. There are some minor enhancements of interface features and core functionality.

    •  01 May 2003 09:44

      Release Notes: Some new key bindings were added to the viever and the internal editor engine was completly reworked and is now almost stable on most systems, with a few new features. A segfault in the hotlist was fixed along with a segfault in Content Search on BSD systems, and problems with BSD compilation and usage were fixed.

      •  24 Apr 2003 10:43

        Release Notes: A new 3.11.5 editor was added along with a bookmark management feature, a "character encoding" feature, file group colorization in the panels, an improved panel mini-status, and an improved "content search" routine. It also added a panel menu for mount points, panel resizer and resplitter keybindings, "full" syntax highlighting support for Slang and (n)curses, and initial support for the FreeBSD cons25 console mode. A secure mkstemp function replaces tmpnam, and many bugs were fixed.

        Recent comments

        04 Sep 2003 03:43 despair2

        New life of MC
        Development of official version of MC seems to go wrong way: very small number of new features, releases are very rare (more than a year between new releases!). MC-MP seems to be new life and new chance for MC: "release early, release often", many new really useful features.

        24 Apr 2003 05:57 zentara

        Nice job with the colors
        I upx'd it, and it is less than 270k. :-)


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