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Magic Collection Manager

Magic Collection Manager is a collection manager for the collectible cards game Magic: The Gathering. It is written in Java with Netbeans.

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Recent releases

  •  16 Oct 2005 07:27

    Release Notes: A Turkish language translation was added for the Collection manager module. Copy and paste between collections was implemented. Images may be exported to HTML/XML/XSL. New shortcuts and hotkeys were added. Collections are opened at startup. New "rarity" sorting was added. File extensions are now automatically added. A problem adding a card to a collection was fixed. A problem with run_server.bat was fixed. A problem in which cards are imported twice was fixed. The run script was fixed. Invisible icons in the MagicPlayer module were fixed.

    •  05 Oct 2005 20:38

      Release Notes: A problem adding cards to the collection has been fixed. A problem with run_server.bat has been fixed (cards were imported twice). This is also the first version with the new ladder feeding developed for the 0.6 version: after an online duel, the MCM Player module will ask you for your mail password to send the report of the duel to an MCM SQL robot.

      •  25 Sep 2005 10:18

        Release Notes: This version includes corrections for two major bugs, and several new features of the future 0.6 version. The "run" script was corrected. The invisibility of the icons in the MagicPlayer module was fixed. New shortcuts and hotkeys were added. Collections may be opened at startup. "Rarity" sorting was implemented. A file extension is automatically added.

        •  06 Sep 2005 09:15

          Release Notes: This release added MagicPlayer, which allows you to play with a friend over a network.

          •  25 Aug 2005 15:09

            Release Notes: A lot of bug corrections were made. New attributes for cards were added. New XSL export features and new HTML list formats were added. When a card is added to the collection, the "Number" column automatically becomes edited, and the number can be typed directly. Some Gatherer list files have been added. GUI enhancements have been integrated. The development of the MagicPlayer package has begun. Chinese, Portuguese, and German support was added. The database integrity can be verified via the (experimental) "File/Verif. database" button.


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